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There are many inefficiencies in the way talents and startups currently find each other. Lack of knowledge, access, networks, time and money are just a few of the issues.


We empower people and startups to connect with each other in a more meaningful way.


Want to make your life easier and save time and effort on your job search or recruitment process? You are in the right place!

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EASILY determine your values, skills, fields of interest, availability, location and compensation to create your talent profile.


QUICKLY discover the opportunities that match your criteria in startups that you really identify with all around the world.


BE A DRIVING FORCE of amplaffy as you help us develop our service to better fit your needs in the future.



Career Agent for Talents
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Within the first 10 days you will see the value we can provide and then it is up to you to choose whether you want to continue or not with us. If you do, you pay 7EUR upfront and 10% of your first salary if you get a paid position.
Profile created for you (CV and general motivation letter combo)
Unlimited match suggestions to startups across the world
Personalised support and guidance on how to apply to each suggestion
Advice that will help you become more recruitable
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Talent Agent for Startups
Get results with least amount of hassle!
Perfect for startups that want to save time, money and effort in their recruiting processes, and get connected to quality candidates. Free to be on the database so let us know if you want to be included. When you recruit someone through amplaffy you will pay 96,50EUR or 10% of the compensation you offer, whichever is higher.
Inclusion to global startup opportunity database
Fast connection to pre-screened talent
Talents ranking enabling comparisons
Local as well as global reach
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We owe big time to the shortcut and Microsoft Flux crews. Without their help we would not be here. Big thanks!!!


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Do you have a humble, ambitious hands-on attitude? Are you ready to learn fast and grow with us?

If you are into databases, process automation, customer service and support, UX research & testing, service design, marketing & sales etc., apply through our profile maker, indicating your interest to work with us.

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We are looking for partners who are as passionate as we are about building the go-to platform for startup X talent matchmaking.



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