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There are many inefficiencies in the way talents and startups currently find each other. Lack of knowledge, access, networks, time and money are just a few of the issues.


We empower people and startups to connect with each other in a more meaningful way. Talented people are able to get connected to startups they identify with worldwide and never miss another opportunity. At the same time startups get discovered by talents who are really passionate about what they do, saving them time and money.


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QUICKLY discover the opportunities that match your criteria in startups that you really identify with all around the world.


BE A DRIVING FORCE of amplaffy as you help us develop our service to better fit your needs in the future.

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We owe big time to the shortcut and Microsoft Flux crews. Without their help we would not be here. Big thanks!!!


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Do you have a positive can-do attitude? Are you ready to work hard and be proactive? Are you an ingenious problem-solver up for a challenge? Are you interested in matchmaking?

If you are into databases, hr processes, android app development, research & testing, customer service, and/or marketing & sales, or ready to learn fast and grow with us, apply through our profile maker, indicating your interest to work with us.

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We are looking for partners who are as passionate as we are about building the go-to platform for startup X talent matchmaking.