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2019 Pilot Project Structure





Set A Goal.







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What & How.

-A network through which you can upgrade your career by co-creating the pilot content to fit your needs.

-Join workshops, discover online courses, connect with coaches and get the network you need to get to the next level in your career or venture.

-Intensive project with progress follow up and competitive element.

-Check ups every month to keep you motivated, excited and engaged. Turn your activity points into prizes once a month.

-Grand finale prize to highest achiever 🏆

How can you co-create the content?

Create a personalized Career or Business Goal Plan.

Determine your timeline and the steps you will take to reach your goal.

Whatever you want to achieve, we will have your back 🙂 We act as the node connecting you to what and who you need to upgrade your skills and thinking, and get to the next level. 🚀 In return we expect that you actively commit to the process.

Partner with us.

Growth companies, educational entities, startup hubs and event producers, are welcome to connect with us to add value to their communities as well as the career pathways of amplaffy 36 participants. For example, you can do a workshop, invite our participants to attend your event, provide a course free of charge, connect with participants or something along those lines. Shoot your suggestion to us through the below form, or your preferred means of communication such as email, whatsapp, facebook, linkedin or even instagram.

Check our brief informational presentation 👇

1st month Impact

6 Workshops

15 New Connections

10 New Skills

"Great Project to develop yourself personally and professionally! I enjoy the balance between the structure of the program, and the freedom to choose what I want to focus on." - Anastasia

"I see 'amplaffy 36' as a growing community of people with very different backgrounds and skills. All of us are able to contribute and shape the program." - Riccardo

amplaffy 36 is a project that will run in 2020 in 13 selected countries with the goal to help global-minded career builders and startup doers to empower themselves and their ventures.
Who is the project for? The project is for people who consider themselves global citizens, and who are willing to learn new skills, determine their career or business path, and take action to make their dreams come alive.
Community aspect: ‘You can empower yourself when empowering others in your community.’  We are building a community of ‘amplaffyers’ who will help each other out to progress together. As a participant you will stick with us to support the next batch of amplaffyers.