This is a call to YOU. 👋📣

amplaffy your potential.

What & How.

During this pilot you set a career goal and a timeline in which to achieve it. Empower yourself by co-creating the pilot content to fit your needs. We will connect you to workshops, online courses, coaches and the network you need depending on what you want to achieve to get to then next level in your career or business.

The project is intensive and it has a competitive element to it. There will be checkups every month, and depending on the progress with the goals and steps you will set to yourself, you get to continue on. If you meet your goal before the end of the year or have shown huge commitment and are really close, you stand the chance to get benefits such as participating to a big networking event that will broaden your reach, get straight to the interview stage in a leading accelerator, and keeping getting our continuous support!!! 🏆

Average time to register: 4:58 min.

check the structure of the program and prepare. 👇


Spring 2019

'Victory is the child of preparation and determination' Set your Goal Plan and start preparing!


Summer 2019

How do you turn your weakness into a strength? What do you need to learn to realize your plan? It's all about preparation and 'arming yourself with the tools you require'.


Fall-Winter 2019

Achieve your Career or Business Goal by tapping to the right networks. Implementation time. Do you have what it takes?

What is the Plan about?

You will create a personalized Career or Business Goal Plan depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the program. It's also up to you to determine your timeline and the steps you will take to reach your goal. Whatever you want to achieve, we expect that you commit to realizing it. For example: Do you want to intern with a startup or scaleup? or do you want to get employed? How about becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur? or even merging or selling your company? What kind of career do you want to explore next?

Partner with us.

If you are a growth company, educational entity, startup hub or event producer, we would love to have a chat and hear how you can connect and add value to the program participants, as well as how our program can add value to your activities and your community.

Check our brief informational presentation 👇

amplaffy 36 is a project that will run in 2020 in 13 selected countries with the goal to help global-minded career builders and startup doers to empower themselves and their ventures.
Who is the project for? The project is for people who consider themselves global citizens, and who are willing to learn new skills, determine their career or business path, and take action to make their dreams come alive.
Community aspect: ‘You can empower yourself when empowering others in your community.’  We are building a community of ‘amplaffyers’ who will help each other out to progress together. As a participant you will stick with us to support the next batch of amplaffyers.