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amplaffy 36 is a project that will run in 2020 in 13 selected countries with the goal to empower global-minded job seekers, founders and startups to work together in order to solve pressing global problems.
Who is the project for? The project is for people who consider themselves global citizens, and who are willing to learn new skills, determine their career or business path, and take action to make their dreams come alive.
Community aspect: ‘You can empower yourself when empowering others in your community.’  We are building a community of ‘amplaffyers’ who will help each other out to progress together. As a participant you will stick with us to support the next batch of amplaffyers.


Do you want amplaffy 36 to partner with your community? Yay! Tell them about us.
If you are part of a University, other educational entity, a startup community, unemployment services, a startup, a scale-up or other similar, ask for a concept note of the project and get involved to empower your community.


How to get in touch regarding amplaffy 36?
Instagram @amplaffy
Whatsapp @ +358400257367


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Months 1-3

Learn a skill
of the future.

What do you need to learn to realize your plan?

Months 4-6

Put your Goal Plan
to motion.

Could be a job search strategy, a career path plan, a plan to set up a business or some other business-related plan. Read more below.

Months 7-9

your Goal.

This can happen way before this time or way after. In the end, it's the journey that matters.

What is the Plan about?

You will create a personalized goal plan depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the PILOT program. The plan is related to career or business development goals, thus you are perfect for the program if you have a clear goal towards wanting to become an intern, employee, freelancer or entrepreneur, or if you want to merge or sell your company.