Discover jobs that match your skills in just a few clicks.


Your trusted advisor in every career step.

  • 6 000 - 8 000 jobs every week
  • 6 job search platforms integrated
  • actionable insights from the job market demand
  • direct link to courses

Faster job search & Better understanding of the job market!

Now I know exactly what I need to learn next!

Why Alex uses amplaffy:

  1. I used to visit 6 different job platforms multiple times a week. Now I go to amplaffy and see from one place all my matching jobs in those.
  2. No searching needed. My profile has already all my skills and preferences stored.
  3. I learn what skills I still lack, and what courses are available for them.
  4. I am becoming a better candidate thanks to the actionable insights, through which I learn what the employers need.
  5. amplaffy is also about community, and the various workshops and programs, are a great way to acquire practical skills and experience.
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