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Elisabet Miheludaki

Founder & CEO

A persevering renaissance woman passionate about helping people make better career choices. In her free time you will find her sewing, writing songs, singing, playing board games, traveling around the world, walking, playing tennis, and hanging out with her friends and family.


Guilherme Laso

Illustration & Graphic Designer | Freelancer

An art enthusiast and his hobby is playing the guitar. He loves all music genres but can't deny his passion for metal and 80s hard rock.

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Alex | they/them/their

User Advocate

A helpful cat who enjoys acquiring new skills, skating and doing yoga, when they are not guiding amplaffy users to the next career step.

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Grace Chung

Multimedia Designer | Freelancer

Among her many hobbies, dance is her favorite one. It gives her joy and it's a great way to keep fit. If you love dumplings you're gonna be great food buddies!


Binoy Chemmagate

Product Consultant | Advisor

A product manager with a decade of experience in the Telecom industry. He likes to play computer games, pool, and goes to yoga once a year.