Order the Helsinki Job market report now!

Order the Helsinki Job market report now!

Job market report


Contents of comprehensive detailed report (job descriptions posted during Q4 2020):

  • Most cited keywords in job descriptions
  • Most cited keywords in job titles
  • Companies hiring the most
  • Fields with most jobs
  • Barriers to employment & Work satisfaction of foreigners in Finland


This report offers insights and recommendations for decision-making regarding school, vocational education, and university curricula, employment regulations, and investments.


When you submit your order you can select a customized report with the particular set of insights you need.





Hire through a workshop with amplaffy.

A new concept for assessing people's skills and hiring fast!

Let's say you are hiring a UX/UI designer:

We tailor a workshop together with you.

Perhaps you would like participants to identify issues in your product or to solve a UX/UI challenge that you are facing, and propose solutions.

We encourage that someone from your team facilitates the workshop, but we can also provide a facilitator if needed.

This is a great chance for you or one of your team members to also learn and get new perspective by sharing expertise with others.

We produce and promote the workshop.

We provide the venue, catering and materials needed.

We source the participants to fit your requirements.

We organize hiring workshops locally and online.

If you need more than one positions to be filled, we can create a whole day hackathon for you with offline workshops in our office in Vallila, Helsinki, your office, or even online.

Already have the candidates?

Determine fast who is the best fit for you through the interactive individual and group exercises on both hard and soft skills.

Don't leave the applicants waiting or drag them through lengthy processes.


We give feedback to the unsuccessful participants.

Be a good employer!

We get that this is time-consuming for you! Let us help the people who were interested to work in your company, by sharing feedback with them on how they can improve.

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Global job market insights about the people who are interested in your industry. Learn where they are and what skills they have.

Source more productively.

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