59,2% of people get hired through their network.

Do you use the right keywords on your LinkedIn profile to attract the opportunities you want?



  • actionable tools for networking on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network
  • an expanded LinkedIn network
  • to know how to add value to your LinkedIn network
  • employers to notice you

Course materials:

  • A PDF file with instructions, examples and templates
  • Recordings on our YouTube channel to guide you
  • A Freehand to fill templates and interact with others


  • 25 EUR

Course Content


Section 1. Active Direct Networking

1.1 Keywords

1.2 Search

1.3 Connections

1.4 Introductions


Section 2. Passive Indirect Networking

2.1 Keywords

2.2 Activity

2.3 Content


Read an article on networking by Elisabet, the creator of this self-paced workshop. Elisabet built her network from 0 to over 2000 connections in 4 years leveraging the active and passive networking methods.