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Contact Elisabet at theteam@amplaffy.io for a custom-made job search training for your community, organization or program!

This job search training was developed after 3 years of experience and feedback from it's predecessors, the amplaffy 36 career growth programs.

More about amplaffy 36 below.

Amplaffy 36 was an online career growth program, that nurtured self-awareness, communication and teamwork skills. Participants became pros at getting things done without feeling overwhelmed, and leaders that others want to learn from.

Our participants understood their abilities and gaps in relation to their job market, and got to focus on their bright spots and their innate talents, as well as learn practical skills in demand by employers.

Personalized materials and real-time job market information was provided to assist with decision-making.

What participants said:

"amplaffy 36 program empowered me! Now I feel confident about my career growth. I know what skills to learn next and how to research them. I am more aware of myself. I enjoyed being a part of the community, networking and learnt a lot of from the workshops. Thank you!"

- Kseniia Zhuk, Visual Designer

"amplaffy 36 program has helped me a lot to improve myself and gain skills needed to grow in my career. Being part of the community, networking with people from different domains, knowing about their thought process during workshops has given a new aspect of thinking and helped me to become more confident in communicating with peoples. Thank you!"

- Sagar Choudhary, Software Development Engineer at Airmeet

"Had participated in the workshops was important for me to connect with others that are also wanting to have a conversation about career. amplaffy 36 is a great tool for learn and practice soft skills and strategies of professional growth, build confidence, and have inspiration. And also, it is amazing to be part of an international community."

- Guilherme Laso, Graphic Designer graduate looking for an opportunity as an artist in the entertainment industry.

"It's the way the valuable information is shared in the workshops, and small things which we all know about, but don't work on them to improve, and these workshop give us an idea about how it can be improved and understand and share different thoughts on it."

- 2020 participant

"Exercises are the best! Thank you for the materials and that you share your knowledge and your research."

- 2020 participant

"amplaffy 36 has been a very positive experience. From being stuck at home, isolated, not knowing exactly what to do with my career, thanks to the program I realized it was necessary to take a step back and look at my skills, passion and job market opportunities. After having clear ideas, I started working on myself, for example taking online courses that helped me to update and improve my skills in order to make me more appealing for companies. I also found beneficial to attend most of the workshop organized by amplaffy, since they gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. I also enjoyed the community and the background diversity of the participants."

- 2019 participant

"amplaffy helps you to find and define your own path."

- 2019 participant

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