Become a Shadow Leader!

A unique opportunity for young women to experience leadership firsthand! During the program you will follow the footsteps of a woman leader and learn from their leadership style, as well as how they balance life and work. The duration and schedule is tweaked to fit your schedule and the schedule of the leader you will be paired with. Possibility to do online.




Elisabet (Liv) Miheludaki

Liv is unbuilding walls to contribute towards a borderless, mobile world, where anyone, anywhere has the same opportunities to realize their potential in their lifetime.

Become the Shadow Founder & CEO at! Apply here.


Myriam Munezero

Leadership almost comes naturally to Myriam. She emphasizes putting people, vision, and action at the center of her approach.

More about her at her website.



Irina Koski

Irina changed her professional career from teaching languages to software development, and since 2018 she has been leading CODE JELLY, a community of people learning programming. She believes in the importance of sharing knowledge as that benefits the society as a whole.

Become the Shadow Full Stack Developer at Citrus Solutions Ltd! Apply here.


STEP 1   Submit your application.

STEP 2   You will be contacted when a suitable leader will become available.

STEP 3   You will have one week to accept or decline the offer.

STEP 4   When you accept the offer, a facilitated discussion between you and the leader will take place.

During that the terms of your shadow gig will be discussed, such as:

  • ground rules
  • objectives
  • expectations
  • responsibilities
  • confidentiality
  • time commitment
  • place of shadowing


STEP 5   You are ready to start as a shadow Leader!

Notice that this is not a compensated or official role. You will not have work tasks. You may engage in some tasks if you wish to, but there will be no expectation for you to do so. Your role will be to observe, learn from and challenge the leader.