• inspiration and motivation
  • an actionable set of time management tools
  • things done, while not feeling overwhelmed
  • a more sustainable work-life balance

Course materials:

  • A PDF file with instructions, examples and templates
  • Recordings on our YouTube channel to guide you
  • A Freehand to fill templates and interact with others


  • 15 EUR

Course Content


Section 1. Interesting facts about time management

1.1 Methods to control and manage time

1.2 9 AM - 12 PM work

1.3 Multitasking & Productivity

1.4 Planning your day to save time

1.5 The effects of a messy or cluttered desk

1.6 Distractions

1.7 Interruptions


Section 2. The psychological factors behind time management

2.1 Trying to do everything

2.2 Inability to find your productivity peaks

2.3 Lack of instant gratification


Read an article on time management by Elisabet, one of the creators of this online course.